Review Policy

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~ Review Policy ~

~ Please Read My Review Policy Carefully Before Contacting Me Requesting A Review ~

Review copies I will accept:

  • ARC (Paperback/Hardcover)
  • Finished copy
  • eBook (PDF and Mobi Only)


I will accepted self-published books.  However, I only want your best!

Genres I review:

I will review any young adult books and adult books. I love YA fantasy fiction and sci-fi and Adult fantasy Sci-fi with strong female heroines, but I am open to other genres and male heroines.

**Fantasy and Sci-Fi will take top priority though**

About my reviews:

My reviews include a rating, release date, and the publishers blurb about the book. My reviews also include recommendations for the book or against the book.  Not all of my reviews are good but they are all completely honest.  Every review I write is my own honest opinion about the book.

Also, I am author and I don’t always have a lot of time to read. I can’t guarantee how quickly reviews will be posted but I do try and post them the month of their release, if not the exact date. I will guarantee that most books I receive will be reviewed but I just can’t get to them all. Also, while I don’t plan reviews daily, I do try to post post monthly.

Other services:

I love hosting giveaways, radio interviews with the lovely authors, and other fun things like that.  Soon I will offer many different advertising opportunities.

Other places to find LitArtistry Press:

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